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Our Story

Corine with Gifted Root Olive Tree

Here at Gifted Root, we set out to create the gift of a lifetime. 

Our friends and family make life worth living. But when it comes to communicating how important they are, words never seem to say enough. And in a world of material abundance, few gifts seem to send the right message either.

We wanted a more unique gift with genuine, personal touches.

While unique by today's standards, no gift has more history. The olive tree has been a sacred symbol of peace and friendship since ancient times. It's the only plant to be featured on US currency. Yet, while the olive tree seems to be everywhere in historical writings, few people have ever given or received an olive tree.

But symbolic and unique wasn't enough. We wanted to offer a personal gift. The most personal gifts we could think of were handmade. But many of us don't have the time or skills necessary to craft a meaningful gift.

So we set out to offer the symbolism of an olive tree with the personal touches of a handmade gift. Personalized olive trees, tailored for the most significant of life events.

Welcome to The Gifted Root