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Our shipping policy is designed to maximize the health and wellness of every tree.

The Gifted Root Terms & Conditions

PRIVACY: We value your privacy and do not sell your contact information to outside companies. By providing us with your information, you agree to receive informational emails about your order and special promotions from The Gifted Root. You may opt out of receiving future emails by clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any email you receive.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee our trees to be true to type and in healthy condition when they arrive. Due to the nature of buying trees, you are buying a root system and trunk that will develop into an established part of your landscape. Damaged leaves are not covered under warranty; this is a cosmetic issue that not affect the health of the plant, and it is a natural way that trees protect themselves when exposed to heat or darkness. Simply trim any yellow or dried leaves, then new foliage should start growing. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase at any time in the first 30 days, please contact us so we can make it right. Olive trees are semi-deciduous. When shipped in the winter or spring, they may lose some foliage during transport. If they fail to emerge from dormancy by May 30th, we will guarantee it outside of the 5-day notification period. You will need to contact us by May 30th so we can review and assist. We may ask for photos of your tree so we can assist in saving a tree that may just be stressed due to transit.

SHIPPING: We take pride in the accuracy of our shipping dates. Of course, there are other factors that could delay your shipping dates. These are estimates, and we cannot guarantee exact shipping dates. Shipping live products has its challenges and occasionally Mother Nature does not abide by our time frames. On rare occasions, we must delay shipping due to severe weather conditions in your area or the shipping origin. Sometimes, growing seasons are delayed and trees take longer to reach quality specifications. Although these seasonal delays are rare, we try to keep you informed as updates are available. The health of your tree is our highest concern.

PRUNING: Semi-deciduous trees will typically have minimal, or even no branching when young. In fact, we prune branches from juvenile trees in order to promote faster growth and higher branching later. This makes for a thinner-looking tree now, but one that will be taller and properly branched in 1-2 seasons.

DAMAGE: The Gifted Root guarantees that all orders are carefully packed and shipped to ensure your plant’s survival in transit. It is extremely rare that packages are broken or damaged in transit but if this happens, please refuse the damaged packages and the delivery carrier will return the damaged box to us for re-shipment.

DEAD OR ALIVE: To determine if your plant is still among the living, scratch a small area of bark on the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or your fingernail. If you see brown or black underneath, the plant is dead. If you see green, the plant is alive and will leaf out again. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy. If the time is during the growing season, the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self-pruning measure. This acts as a reset switch for the plant and is normally temporary. We will not accept a plant loss claim for dormant items until they have been planted in the ground and given adequate time in the spring to exit dormancy.

THINGS HAPPEN: We cannot guarantee Mother Nature, hungry animals, plants shipped outside recommended zones, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, disease or poor soil conditions. Plants are living organisms that can die from causes beyond our control.  We do our best to make sure you are getting a quality product but unfortunately, we cannot offer plants at a loss. We go to great lengths to build mutual trust with our customers and guarantee that any plant we send out is culturally viable.

CANCELLATIONS:  Requests for order cancellation must be made by emailing info@giftedroot.com immediately. Canceled orders that have not been shipped but are in the process of being packed and shipped, will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. Once you submit your order and the checkout process is completed, your order is taken from our nursery’s inventory and your credit card is charged immediately. Customers cannot cancel orders through email. If the order has tracking information, we will not be able to cancel the order.

RETURNS: Since plants are perishable items, nursery stock cannot be returned without our permission. As the customer, you will be responsible for all shipping and processing charges. We do not refund shipping cost to customers who return their plants to us. By accepting nursery stock, the customer accepts seller’s terms and conditions of sale, which constitute the entire agreement. In no circumstance will our liability be greater than the cost paid for the customer’s order.

GROWTH RATES: The Gifted Root lists the growth rates of its products based on ideal growing conditions and generally published information. Trees are like people: we all grow differently. We cannot guarantee how fast your trees will grow, fruit or flower. All plants are unique, and must be planted properly in a suitable environment and cared for adequately to ensure survival. Your results will be unique and will vary based on care, climate, soil, weather and many other factors.


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