Enduring Olive Trees

Give the gift of a lifetime

Enduring Olive Trees

Give the gift of a lifetime

DNA from ancient tree varieties

Support for Lebanese villagers

Lasting peace and friendship

On a mission to spread the gift of authenticity
At Gifted Root we believe that authenticity is a higher calling—to live authentically, to support authentic causes, to invest in authentic originals, and to gift with kindness and affection. Join us.

Our Olive Trees

An ancient and resilient beauty

Our exclusive Texas Beladi Kfour trees carry DNA from the ancient olive trees of the Village of Bechealeh, high in the mountains of Lebanon. Believed to be the oldest olive trees in the world, the rich DNA of our Mother trees gives our premium Beladi trees enduring strength to thrive in diverse climates and through changing weather extremes.

Give a piece of history that will last a lifetime with our one-of-a-kind Beladi olive trees. 10% of every Beladi sale supports critical charity work.

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Peace and friendship for a lifetime

Our hardy Mediterranean olive trees are lovingly grown in the heart of Sonoma, CA by the industry’s most respected arboriculturists. A legendary symbol of harmony and friendship, our Mediterranean trees make meaningful gifts of gratitude, celebration, and hope. 

Give an enduring reminder of your bond—professional or personal—with our beautiful Mediterranean olive trees. 

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Customer Experiences

“I ordered an olive tree as a birthday present for my husband. It was a big hit! It is growing so well, I think that we need a new pot!”

- Stacy R.

“This is the text I just received: Thank you so much for the incredibly thoughtful gift and note. We just got ours and look forward to getting it set up!”

- Fred

“Truly a unique gift! The ordering process was very easy, and we will definitely gift more trees. Thank you Gifted Root!”

- Patricia G

“I placed 2 orders so far. The recipients of my gifts were impressed with the idea/presentation and timely delivery. It is a great idea to memorialize a lifetime occasion. Thank you!”

- Gilbert

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Driving impact beyond our business

Our trade is made possible by the hard work and dedication of countless others, so we give back to help ensure our collective future.

Funding programs at the Schools of the Daughters of Charity

Agricultural training and support for Lebanese villagers

Provide support to the nurses at the hospitals of the Daughters of Charity