Tree Care 101

Everything you need to know

Olive trees are resilient beauties with the ability to long outlive us if their young roots are given proper love and care. To help your tree thrive we recommend you follow three basic principles:


Olive trees love the sun. Find a location that gets at least six hours of sunlight every day.


Olive trees thrive when water runs through their roots, not when it pools. Select an earthen material that’s porous and ensure your planting accounts for drainage.

 The olive tree is immortal, the only way to kill it is to drown it.”

–Francois Bourtroux


Room to Grow

Olive trees grow slowly, which is the secret to their incredible longevity. Replant your tree in a larger pot every 2 to 3 years to give it room to grow.


      How to get started with your olive tree:

      1. Select your pot:

        Your tree is just two years old and will grow best in a pot for the next several years. Your first pot should give your tree room to grow without it dwarfing your young cutting. We recommend a pot at least 12" in diameter.

      2. Ensure drainage:

        Your pot will need drainage holes to prevent too much water from harming the tree’s roots. Many pot shops will help you drill holes if the pot doesn’t come with them.

      3. Use healthy soil, not clay:

        Olive trees love the aeration and minerals found in common potting soil. Your local nursery should have good options to get your tree rooted.

      4. Water when thirsty

        If the soil is dry when you push your finger a few inches in, it’s time to water. Make sure you thoroughly moisten the soil but stop short of it getting soggy. 


      Additional Tips

      • Potted trees need more frequent watering than those planted in the ground. Check your soil every few days to learn how much moisture your tree needs in its new home.
      • Any water will do. Don’t worry about whether it’s filtered, from the kitchen tap, or the outside hose. 
      • Don’t overwater. Standing water can create opportunities for mold to thrive.
      • As with all living things, love and care goes a long way. Nurture your tree and it will stand by your side for life.
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