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Corine has been cultivating her passion for olives since 2002 when she began nurturing an abandoned grove back to life in the south of France, turning ailing 100-300 year old trees into thriving organic olive producers. With her husband, Francois, she’s built an award-winning artisanal olive business that celebrates the unique peaceful energy of this remarkable tree. We’re delighted to have her deep wisdom and decades of experience guiding our team.

Corine's Top FAQs

Where should I place my olive tree? x

The most important factor in a good placement is natural light. Look for a spot with plentiful sunshine, away from high winds. In the winter we recommend that you bring your tree inside to protect it from freezing temperatures. Try to find space near a window to maintain sun even indoors. 

What size pot should I plant my new olive tree in? x

Your pot should be at least 12” in diameter and hold a minimum of 1 gallon (or 4 liters) of soil. It must have a hole at the bottom to drain excess water. Be sure to pour any collected excess that is captured in a tray onto other plants.

What kind of soil should I use? x

Olive trees like alkaline soil and need the minerals found in most common potting soils. Use an aerated mixture (it can have lava rock or Perlite or gravel mixed in). Your local nursery should have several good potting soil options in stock. 

Do I need to fertilize my tree? x

Your tree will do best if fertilized. Fertilize twice a year during spring and mid-summer. There’s no need to fertilize in the summer or winter when your olive tree is resting.  

How often should I water? x

Olive trees are native to hot climates that are dry as often as they are wet with rain. This means that your tree needs regular moisture but can die if it is watered in excess. To maintain your tree's health Corine recommends watering whenever the soil is no longer moist to the touch (test your finger 1”-2” into the soil). You will likely find you need to water twice a week in hot months, once every two weeks otherwise. 

How much sunlight does my tree need? x

Olive trees thrive in the sun so look for a location with maximum sunshine—a minimum of six hours per day. Your tree may drop leaves if it’s not getting enough sun and/or grow long leafless stems as it searches for patches of light. We recommend an outdoor placement for maximum sunshine though you must bring your tree indoors when temperatures dip below 40°F.

Will olive trees pose a toxic risk to my pets? x

Olive trees are considered nontoxic and pet-friendly. 

When can I plant my tree in the ground? x

We recommend keeping your plant in a pot for at least three years. This gives roots proper time to strengthen, which will be important for enduring changing weather conditions once planted in the ground. During this time you should repot your plant as needed to ensure that the pot is large enough to allow for your plant’s roots to continue to grow and spread. If you do plant your tree in the ground after the first three years be sure to do so at the end of spring, after the last frost and when the ground is warm. 

Can I re-pot any time? x

Your tree will adjust best to its new pot during times of active growth, which usually occur in the spring and summer. We recommend planning to repot during this time to avoid harsh winter temperatures as much as possible.

Do I need to prune my tree? x

You can prune your tree in the spring, when you’re assured of warmer weather. Remove branches that have grown from the trunk and any new shoots you see at the base. You can also aerate the middle of the tree to remove any damaged limbs. 

My tree seems sick, what do I do? x

Ensuring the health of your tree is exactly what Corine is here to help with. Submit your question below for personalized care advice. 

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