Gift Something Special

Our Story

Our friends and family make life worth living.
When it comes to communicating how important they are, words never seem to say enough.

In a world of material abundance, few gifts seem to send the right message either.
We wanted an authentic, meaningful and living gift.

The olive tree has been a sacred symbol of peace and friendship since ancient times.
While unique by today's standards, no gift has more history.

Symbolic and unique wasn't enough; we wanted to offer a personal gift for
the most significant of life events.

The Gift of a Lifetime.


In 2010, Olive Grove Partners and Novavine introduced in the USA the Beladi, DNA of the
Millenarian olive trees of Bechealeh and 2 other unique Lebanese varieties of olive trees.

They may prove to be among the best olive varieties in the USA; research will determine that.

Climate is the olive tree’s main challenge for success; our varieties are extremely hardy as
witnessed by the longevity of the olive trees of Bechealeh, legends & sayings.

With Gifted Root you can make the Gift of a Lifetime to someone;
It will bring to their home the Beladi olive tree, its history, story and legends;
And they will always remember the reason they received your living gift.

Our Tree comes with a certificate of authenticity and the customer care of Novavine,
one of the most respected nurseries in the wine country, Sonoma, California