Gift Something Special



Q: Can I plant my tree in the ground, or do I need to keep it in a pot? 

In green, you'll see the ideal growing zone for Olive Trees (Zones 10-12)

Q: What is the difference between the various trees offered from Gifted Root? 

The trees themselves are the same. It's the personalization that changes. For each gifting event, the product is personalized in the following ways: personal message on the tree tag, an event-specific brochure that explains the significance of an olive tree, and a personalized letter and envelope (the letter is added during checkout). 

When you select the event that you're sending the tree to commemorate, Gifted Root will also provide examples of personalized letters (templates) to make the personalization and checkout process faster & easier. 

Q: Where should I plant my tree? How do I take care of it? 

We've answered these questions on our Tree Care page.

Q: Will this tree produce fruit (olives)? How long will that take?

Yes, these trees are capable of producing fruit. The timing is dependent on many variables (soil and watering conditions, weather, sunlight, etc). On average, these trees may begin fruiting in the first 1-3 years.

Q: Does this tree produce green olives, or black?

That's a matter of ripeness. All olives left on the tree will eventually ripen to black. Olives can be pickled at any stage of ripeness.