The Mediterranean

Give the gift of peace and friendship

Our hardy Mediterranean olive trees have been meticulously crafted to combine the best features of several varieties of olive trees from around the coastal region—maximizing their beauty and climate resiliency. These select young trees are lovingly grown in the heart of Sonoma, CA by the industry’s most respected arboriculturists at Novavine Nursery.  

A legendary symbol of harmony and friendship dating back to ancient Phoenicia (Lebanon), an olive tree is a perfect gift to help you celebrate milestones, remember loved ones, and express gratitude. Whether gifting personally or professionally, our beautiful Mediterranean olive trees are an exceptional choice—an enduring living gift to last a lifetime. 

  • Every order includes:
  1. A healthy, two-year-old 14”-16” tall Mediterranean tree.
  2. Complete instructions for successful planting and ongoing care.
  3. Ongoing support from our resident olive tree expert, Corine.
  4. A 30-day health and wellness warranty.
  5. A personalized letter to your recipient, printed with your sentiments.
  • To ensure the health of our trees we adhere to a fixed shipping policy that prevents our trees from languishing in transit warehouses. Learn more by reviewing the full policy here.
  • Olive trees are considered nontoxic and are pet-friendly.
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Tree Help

Curious about best-practice tree care or have a specific question about your tree? Our resident olive tree expert, Corine, is here to help.