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Copy of Tree Care

Olive trees are resilient beauties with the ability to long outlive us if their young roots are given proper love and care. To help your tree thrive we recommend you follow two basic principles:

  • Olive trees love the sun. Find a location that gets at least six hours of sunlight every day.
  • Olive trees thrive when water runs through their roots, not when it pools. Select an earth material that’s porous and ensure your planting accounts for drainage.

    How to get started with your olive tree:

    1. Select your pot
      Your tree is just two years old and will grow best in a pot for the next several years. Your first pot should give your tree room to grow without it dwarfing your young sapling. We recommend a pot between xx” and xx”.
    2. Ensure drainage:
      Your pot will need drainage holes to prevent too much water from harming the tree’s roots. Many pot shops will help you drill holes if the pot doesn’t come with them.