Sister Ann and her Mission

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The Daughters of Charity

Founded in 1633, the Daughters of Charity are devoted to serving the poor. They have helped develop throughout the world community hospitals and clinics, offered job training, and established schools and homes for orphaned children.

A 2014 112-years-later-seton-hospital-founders-daughters-charity-are-moving article ends like this: The Daughters have nurtured Seton from its beginnings as a 40-bed hospital to a network of 90 locations across Central Texas. And always with an eye on their founding principle -- caring for the needy 


Sister Ann goes to Lebanon

I wanted to help my Mother country with an effective American Daughter, there.

On Saturday 22 October, 2011, I wrote Sister Gertrude: I just met a very kind person: Sister Ann, of US decent, who has been helping the poor in Lebanon for 30 years.

On Sunday 9 Sep. 2012, Sr. Ann came to Austin for a fund raiser; this is how I introduced her:
Just about the time
My mother sent me to the US to get a better life
Sr. Ann went to Lebanon to give a better life
To those who are left behind

 - an immigrant from Lebanon


Sister Ann’s mission

Sister Ann Sauvé, a nurse, has spent 38 years as a missionary in Lebanon. She has lately been working in a hospital as well as helping at clinics, dispensaries and schools mainly for the poor. 

Since November 2019, high prices, lack of jobs, and corruption have left a large number of families and the elderly in poverty and deep state of despair

Excerpts of Sr. Ann’s emails from 12/8/19 to 7/5/20


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