We believe in connection

The Beladi Exclusive

Gift an Olive Tree from the Lineage of Noah's Ark: A Living Testament of Faith

At Gifted Root, we offer more than just olive trees; we offer a direct link to one of the most iconic moments in the Bible. Each of our olive trees is a certified direct descendant of the very tree from which the dove plucked an olive branch to bring back to Noah's Ark. This isn't just a symbolic connection; it's a real, living lineage that traces back to that moment of hope and renewal.

When the world was engulfed in the great flood, and Noah awaited a sign of new beginnings, it was an olive branch that symbolized the restoration of life and God's promise of a fresh start. This olive branch, plucked by a dove, came from a tree that has since been a beacon of hope and faith. Now, you have the unique opportunity to gift this extraordinary legacy.

Presenting a Gifted Root olive tree is more than a mere gesture; it's a way to pass on a piece of sacred history. These trees are not just reminders of the biblical story; they are its direct descendants, living proofs of the narrative that has been passed down through generations. They stand as a testament to faith, resilience, and the enduring promise of new beginnings.

Imagine the profound impact of gifting an actual part of this story. Each tree is a living, growing connection to the past, a piece of the very tree that witnessed the world's rebirth according to the Scriptures. It's an opportunity to share not just a gift, but a piece of spiritual heritage, a tangible link to a tale of hope that has resonated for millennia.

With Gifted Root, you're not just giving an olive tree; you're giving a part of the story of Noah's Ark, a fragment of history, and a symbol of enduring faith that will grow and flourish for years to come.

We believe that authenticity is a sacred higher calling and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • Our Beladi trees are exclusive, brought to the USA in 2010 by Olive Grove Partners and Novavine Nursery along with two other unique Lebanese varieties of trees.

  • Our Beladis have the DNA of the millenarian olive trees of Bechealeh, believed to be the oldest olive trees in the world. Legend states that the dove brought Noah the olive branch from these trees.

  • Our Mediterranean trees are born of hardy regional varieties, nurtured to thrive in today’s world by expert arboriculturists in California and Southern France and certified authentic by Novavine Nursery in Sonoma, CA. 

We are committed to ongoing, superior customer care to help you help your tree thrive.

Our work directly supports the communities from which our trees originate as well as the next generation of innovators, cultivators, and peace makers that will lead our communities into the future.

A portion of our sales goes directly to charity work in healthcare and education on the ground in Lebanon and to organizations supporting the health and wellness of underserved children here in the US. 

Funding programs at the Schools of the Daughters of Charity

Agricultural training and support for Lebanese villagers

Provide gifts to the nurses at the hospitals of the Daughters of Charity

Our Journey to Share Our Heritage

October 2009

Started the selection of the trees in the villages of Douma and Kfour

July 2010

The first trees make it to California and into USDA quarantine of 2 years

July 2010

Samples from the trees of Bechealeh sent to Cordoba; their DNA was Beladi

Mar 2013

Samples from a tree of the Willani grove sent to Cordoba; its DNA was Beladi

Sept 2017

Samples of our 3 varieties were sent for research at Oregon State University

Our Founding Team
Novavine Nursery CEO

Jay runs our partner nursery, Novavine, in the pristine Sonoma Valley in Northern California. A second generation leading horticulturist and arboriculturist, Jay brings unparalleled expertise on how to nurture olive trees into adulthood on American soil. 

The Rebeiz Family

A Civil Engineer since 1980 and a real estate developer since 1984, Fred (born Farid) Sami Rebeiz is an immigrant from Lebanon. He wants to complete the mission of his ancestors, the Phoenicians, and share his mother country's Mediterranean Heritage in his adopted country.

When 50 Lebanese Beladi trees are gifted every day, then, on average, one person will share the story of our Mediterranean heritage every day, in each of the 50 states of the United States of America.”

– Rebeiz