The Beladi Exclusive

Give the gift of an ancient and mystical beauty

(Shipping Included)

Our exclusive Beladi trees are of the same DNA as the 2000+ year old olive trees of the Village of Bechaeleh, high in the mountains of Lebanon. These trees are believed to be the oldest olive trees in the world—rich in legend and the strength to thrive across millenia. 

Carefully guarded, their propagation is tightly controlled and we’re proud to offer exclusive access as the only providers of the Beladi variety in the US. Their hardy DNA will give your gift  enduring resiliency to thrive in diverse climates and through changing weather extremes. 

Whether gifted in celebration, remembrance, gratitude or friendship, our premium Beladi olive trees are an unparalleled living gift to truly last a lifetime. 
  • Every order includes:
  1. A healthy, two-year-old 14”-16” tall Texas Beladi Kfour tree.
  2. A verified certificate of authenticity from Novavine Nursery.
  3. Complete instructions for successful planting and ongoing care.
  4. Ongoing support from our resident olive tree expert, Corine.
  5. A one-year health and wellness warranty.
  6. A personalized letter to your recipient, printed with your sentiments.
  7. An exclusive Gifted Root reusable tote bag.
  • The Texas Beladi Kfour tree is a protected variety with non-propagation status. See the full agreement details at the bottom of this page.
  • 10% of every Beladi sale supports critical charity work. 
  • To ensure the health of our trees we adhere to a fixed shipping policy that prevents our trees from languishing in transit warehouses. Learn more by reviewing the full policy here.
  • Olive trees are considered nontoxic and are pet-friendly.
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Tree Help

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Beladi Kfour non-propagation status agreement

As a condition to Owner and or Novavine and/or their agents accepting and filling your order of Texas-Beladi Kfour ("TBK") variety of olive trees, Buyer agrees that the "Genetic Property" for all trees involved in this transaction belongs to Olive Grove Partners, Ltd ba Time Olive Trees and cannot be sold, transferred, grafted or propagated. No one besides Time Olive Trees is authorized to sell, resale, graft or propagate the trees you are buying or their genetic material. No part of the trees or their genetic material may be used in cross-genetic multiplication. Violation of this clause may result in legal action and will give Olive Grove Partners, Ltd. d/b/a Time Olive Trees the right to remove and reclaim the trees sold and any trees propagated in violation
of this agreement.